What exactly do you do?

We work in different ways.

    • We can work simply as consultants, where we have a detailed understanding about your style profile and budget and then guide you about everything related to wedding shopping in Delhi- which shops/areas to visit that fit your budget and style.
    • We also work as personal shoppers – along with the guidance given above we accompany you on your trip to New Delhi , setting up appointments , negotiating rates, taking you to lesser known, but on-trend boutiques , vendors that exactly match your budget and style profile etc. We coordinate with the designer with regular follow ups to ensure timely delivery of your pieces, we  can even pick up your outfits if they are ready after you leave. Think of it like shopping with your bff who has a ton of inside knowledge about this city!
    • We also work simply as a correspondent in Delhi- if you are not visiting Delhi but still want a lehenga/ outfit  from here, we can shop on your behalf based on your style profile and budget.


How much do your services cost?

    • Our rates differ from package to package, how long you want to hire us for and what exactly your requirements are. You can drop in an email to us at mehak (at) bridesbypb (dot) com  and we can give you a price quote.

Do you only work with Brides? Do you only work with Non Resident Indians? Do you only work with Indians? 

    • No, we work with ANYONE who wants to buy indian wear from Delhi. You could be a resident Delhi bride who needs assistance in planning her trousseau and wants to know its best kept fashion secrets , or you could be an NRI bride who is unfamiliar with Delhi , or you could be anyone else who just wants to buy some glamorous outfits from New Delhi- bride, groom, aunt, mother, grandmother, uncle-Doesnt matter.
    • To see what all we could help you with click on the Services Page

Which Cities is this service available in?

    • All Packages are available for New Delhi
    • Consultation Packages are available for Mumbai/Jaipur/ New Delhi/ Punjab